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Two of the most important organs in the body are the kidneys, which help the body maintain and clean its fluids. A nephrologist is devoted to the study and care o​f the kidneys and handles everything from abnormalities with urine and kidney stones to kidney infections and renal replacement therapy. Nephrologists treat problems of the kidneys but also study normal kidney functions.

The nephrology team at the Baylor Scott & White​ Medical & Surgical Clinic - Irving​ invites patients suffering from kidney problems to schedule an appointment. Each patient receives our customary personalized attention and care; we always work with the understanding that every patient has a unique history and requires individualized attention.

Our nephrologist implements the best practices and the latest technologies to ensure that we always deliver the best care possible. Whether referred by our interconnected network of primary care physicians or specialists or an external specialist, patients will receive the utmost respect and attention when they visit our nephrologist.​

Doctors Specializing in Nephrology

Jayasree Grandhi, MD